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Fire Plus Bomb Fire Plus Bomb

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Interesting concept, but it seems half-baked; like the puzzles aren't polished and there isn't enough to fully predict what moves are strategically best, etc. For now, I can't vote to include this, but it's an interesting concept worth working on some more.

XYsquid responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!

Cryogenic Cryogenic

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I'm abstaining from actually rating officially, but I'll leave this comment. I can't load this game; it says my computer can't allocate enough memory to the webGL window. You really need to work on compression. If I saw your Unity asset folder I could give more detailed advice, but I'd understand if you wanted to keep your source closed.

Epic Hard Jump Epic Hard Jump

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I've yet to make it far; but one comment right now.


"Screen.LockCursor = true;"


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ColChope responds:

It's already done ! I release the next updates tomorow !
Thank you anyway !

Cactus Chyps Cactus Chyps

Rated 3 / 5 stars

You fell into the same hole I usually do for Ludum Dare. I've only finished one myself (look for Toy Soldiers on my profile). You tried to make something that was complicated from a programming standpoint and therefore barely got it done; with substantial glitches and oversight and had little to no time to make tutorials or good level designs within the time-limit; ultimately creating something that is very confusing to the point of impossible for the average player (a lot of controls; no in game tutorial to ease the player into how to properly use them; instead just being dropped into a level and having to read a text box to figure it out).

At this point; it's not really enough of a prototype for me to say much. Spend a couple more days on it to get a tutorial to the point that a player could understand it more easily and I might have more to say.

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Jamesgudge responds:

Hey! Thanks for the response :) I know what you're saying, I'd originally left two hours for audio and polish, but evidently it wasn't near enough for what it required :P That said, thanks for playing and enjoying it, I'll be updating it in the future :)

Greenie 2 Greenie 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

My biggest problem with this is a lack of good parenting. When you're standing on something moving you should move with it and not constantly fall off. I'm about to ragequit because of how hard this is making it for me to make a particular jump.

Coming Out Simulator Coming Out Simulator

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

[Insert Review Here]

I usually do a long detailed review trying to help the content creator grow in the specific medium or subgenre in which the game was developed. I'm not going to this time. This was a personal game, it deserves a more personal reply.

I haven't been outside in almost two years (since I graduated college with a game development degree, yea). My depression and lack of self-confidence keep me from getting much done; anything I have finished was blown out in a few hours in one of my rare fits of mania and actual cognitive ability. I'm usually more morose, fatalistic and pessimist; it's what makes me a good critic I could spot the flaws in anything then see only those flaws after enough exposure.

Anyways; I get it. Hell, I was worse off, heh. Came out unintentionally too; had this weird habit of archiving everything and dad read a YIM window I left open because I came to supper in a hurry and didn't get the chance to archive it, yet. Trying to blame someone as a bad influence on me (only person they could 'grab' onto for that was the only person from school was a bi girl who felt (unreciprocated) sexual attraction for me who I 'dated' briefly. [She wanted more; I...was just happy to hang out with someone for a change. It's been so rare for me in my life to have friends like that...I get suspicious of people being nice and actively expect to be robbed or exploited by people being 'friendly', but I digress.]

...Dad getting violent. He's prone to mood swings anyways (effect of diabetes); he broke a chair and a golf club and I locked myself in the bathroom and cried. Heh. Went back into the closet afterward; 'just a phase/curiosity' lie.

For me though it hasn't really gotten any better. As I said; I haven't really been outside in two years.

I wasn't socially accepted in high school BEFORE I came out and my reasons for doing so were less 'being open about a relationship' and more 'desperation'. I was alone and there were rumours anyways; so I did to try to find someone...and it just made things worse. I was a heavily shunned anathema; believing in "it get's better" lead to me working my ass off to try to get a scholarship or something to get out and I was valedictorian, but very much friendless and hated. I had few allies and no friends (by most people's definition).

College was better, by comparison and worse at the same time. I wasn't immediately hated, but I was still pretty well alone and being bullied that heavily I didn't have the social sense to know how to fix it. My longest relationship was a really long weekend and little more than a hookup. I became a Grindr slut; was something. I was anorexic. I attempted suicide on my 21st birthday. It truthfully wasn't better; but it wasn't what I expected, nor was it good. It was better than SHIT; but still terrible.

And, though I finished, I don't have the social graces to really get out much. And I'm really tired of trying. I had to go back with parents after college (no money) and haven't gotten out much (middle of nowhere; nowhere to go anyways). I try to make games by myself, but I keep failing. It's not a lack of skill or technical ability; it's just a lack of being able to believe in myself enough anymore. I want to care; I want to have a life; but...I can't keep my hopes up anymore and I need emotional support and friendship, which I still never really get.

It's like; they say after a break up; you need to move on and see other people; but I didn't really have the relationship; I just wanted it. And I have nowhere to move on to.

I'm sorry. This was about you and I'm making it about me. If anyone reading this wants to skype or something. Please. I really need the help and the contact. I'm not suicidal; I'm just...not living a life either.

Symmetry Symmetry

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I'm killing the videos for a bit, since I can't record audio very well right now. BUT; here goes:

Minor issue:
Probably should have arrows as well as WASD, at least. Lot of people prefer all keys be rebindable, but a full menu for that might be above your ability right now. (minor)

The odd fluidity of your character style has an endearing quality to it; but I still think you should learn a bit of traditional sprite art. Look around PixelJoint a bit and learn the techniques. For some reason the abstract 'dude' in this reminds me of lemmings in how exaggerated and fluid his moves are...though there's obviously more pixels to him than a lemming. The fact the box literally says 'box' on it was amusing at first.

Magenta and Yellow are complimentary colors; which makes the palette very strong. :)


Your core mechanics have been done before; but the level designs that teach the player what your mechanics are and how to access them are very strong. The only major issue is the last level, which in no way makes it clear that we've suddenly switched to a level that takes up multiple screens after the rest of the game used single screen levels.

3.5/5. Doing good; need to work on art and polish. And maybe come up with something more unique mechanically next time. Seeing some good growth from your first game though.

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Benasaurous responds:

Hey man, thanks for the feedback. This is Jlorp, I'm using Ben's acount. The last level's mechanic could've definitely used a bit more conveyance (I originally wanted to put the word "Jump" floating over the pit, I guess we just never got around to putting it in), and Ben could probably go back in and add the arrow keys as controls relatively quickly.

I'll definitely do some research on pixel art techniques. Putting "box" on the box sprite was not the original idea, I just eventually broke down in the frustration of trying to make a sweet box sprite decided "screw it, I'll just write box on the side."

I've never really worked with pixel art before, aside from doing the sprites for mach speed. Which by the way, Mach speed's sprites were originally designed for a completely different game with a much tighter camera. Ben just reused them in his game after we scrapped the game they originated from.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the game & good luck with your video channel.

-Jonny (Jlorp)

Orion Trail (Prototype) Orion Trail (Prototype)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Full Review (and LP) Here:

Since this is in Kickstarter mode; feel free to edit my footage to use for promotional purposes or contact me for further footage. I welcome supporting this project further in this regard. :D

Don't Escape 2 Don't Escape 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Full Review here:

Shifter Shifter

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The palette is a little dull and faded looking (but the art is solid) and the music gets...old rather quickly. Otherwise it's a very solid unique puzzle game. I'd like to see it expanded into a more complete title for retail. :)

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