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First Usable Version of uGrounds

2014-02-14 10:57:53 by Bcadren

Just pushed up a usable version of the uGrounds API to the repo.

To be clear; medals and scoreboards now appear to work perfectly from the newgrounds site (direct portal embeds).


Savefiles and referrals have been started, but aren't finished yet. [You can save a file, but you can't tag it, rate it, or load it yet so there's no point.] Also, currently only string 'files' are allowed; though feasibly and byteStream could be saved.

Do people really use the "loadFriendList" command? Trying to decide if I should implement it.

I started on a system to switch to a custom Preloader or play a flash game or movie while a larger Unity file is loading, but I abandoned it because I found that it worked in Chrome, but crashed Firefox, so I'd need to find multiple solutions and make Unity know what browser it is in to get it to work (probably). Would people want this?

It shouldn't be too long until the saveFiles work too; but I'm too tired to continue and that should be another 5+ hours work.



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