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2014-02-03 04:44:01 by Bcadren

So, as many of you probably know I've been working on a Unity integration for the Newgrounds API. Gotten communication with the Newgrounds server down and it's mostly a matter of packaging it to make it easier for other devs to use (for scoreboards and badges); I've yet to get ads or Save Files up. Anyways; I'm making this post to announce that I'm making my code so far public and I'm taking a few days off from this. I need to focus on more pertinent projects for a bit. Any Unity, Javascript, Actionscript or HTML coders that want to contribute to the project. Are welcome to make a new branch on the public git. Located here. 

Rest assured that regardless of if I get any further assistance, I will be able to complete everything except ads (the Javascript/Unity flash interaction necessary to get the flash ads up is cranky). I will take a moment to thank MSGHero, I never would have managed to format my secure posts correctly without direct access to the normal flash output, which he provided me. I'll also thank NutCaseNightmare, though we didn't have direct contact, his earlier work at a javascript implementation of the API was very helpful in creating this one. Several people on the Ludum Dare IRC also offered assistance when I couldn't find the proper functions to call in Unity (and with my complete ignorance to the proper way to format the HTML/CSS/Javascript interactions on the outside. Thanks guys. Anyways; I'll be working on actual paperwork and getting my own site up for a bit; then finish this and work on a serious game that will use it. I offer it publicly in the full hope that I attract more Unity-developers to Newgrounds. 


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2014-02-03 13:26:04

Cool, good work guys!


2014-02-03 19:45:42

Good luck. This could be big.


2014-02-04 03:01:09

As I'm near completion for a game I intend to submit here, I may be able to help work on this and as well as try it out. I could also try it with some of my entries here as well just to see how it goes. Most likely around mid February is when I start putting the little touches to a game I'm working on that includes achievement/scoring. So I'll keep an eye out here and when the time comes, I'll give this a try.

Bcadren responds:

I'll have badges and scoreboards nicely packaged by then. Save Files are a maybe at this point. (Documentation is incomplete on the server command to view the files). If you want to work on the code in its current state; give me a PM, so I can better explain the state its in.


2014-02-04 12:20:26

I could help out on checking the code for bugs and errors.
I've been working on a Linux compatible version of Unity.
I could also ask my friends to see if they could help on the Javascript/Unity interaction as well.


2014-02-05 21:44:11

Thanks for the shoutout, Bcadren! (Sorry I didn't respond earlier to your PM)

For anyone else interested, here's the HTML5 port I've made of the Newgrounds API so far: I feel bad that I sort of dropped the project the last few months, but the good news is that's because I was working on an HTML5 game demo! And it's near complete. Which means I now have a huge reason to quit being a lazy ass and finish the damn HTML5 port.

Great to see you're making a Unity port! And glad my library sort of helped. :)


2014-02-06 10:53:50

This is awesome. Keep it up.


I wonder if we can help each other. I have been working on Linux version of Unity too.


2015-01-06 14:20:02

I have plenty of Unity games but haven't uploaded them due to the no ads working atm :( hopefully we get ads working soon some way or another.

(Updated ) Bcadren responds:

I thought they went in on default with the new least some ads did. Actually with the HTML5 Shell I definitely could make it work...I started doing it...never finished the solution though. It was using the iFrame nature to spawn the Unity Window outside of where would actually be rendered...the idea was that a Flash frame would be there for the length of the ad; then disappear (CSS code to switch it with the Unity frame) after the ad was done. Again, never finished it. Hell, I'd kind of need a Flash programmer to do it; I've never used flash. If you are interested though; feel free to continue this in PM.